Soulgrinder - BEHIND THE VEIL !!!
Author Nick "William Kid" parastatidis

Anthenora are a live phenomenon! I have seen them here in Greece when they came with NICKO MCBRAIN as their guest and played IRON MAIDEN covers. The amount of energy they have unleashed on the scene was great!!! As for their own music, in the beginning they had a lot of influences from IRON MAIDEN, but through the years they have changed their style into more heavy/power forms. Now, on thier second album "Soulgrinder" they have kept their sound, but they've also enriched it with some progressive and thrashy touches. I believe that those of you that appreciate bands like WHITE SKULL, SABATON, BRAINSTORM, EVERGREY, QUEENSRYCHE and ASPERITY, will find here another good release to add to your collection. One other thing that I have to say is that as the album reaches its end, you will like it more and more. Listen to it carefully and I am sure that you will understand that Anthenora have to offer a lot to the heavy metal genre. At least they don't try to copy other bands, but they try to build thier own sound. My only objection is on the production of this album, which is not bad, but could have been better! My favorite songs are: "Dawn Of Blood", "Order Of Hate", "Fatherland", "Cassandra", "Dream Catcher" and "Steel Brigade". Metal on my brothers!!!

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