Soulgrinder - BEHIND THE VEIL 8,5/10
mark 8.5 / 10
author Antonis Maglaras

Anthenora comes from Italy and they started back in 1990. I am really happy because I follow them almost four years now, from 2002 when they released their self financed "The General's Awakening" EP. After that we had their debut album in 2004, "The Last Command" which was released through Locomotive Records and now last month Anthenora released their second album through My Graveyard Productions with the title "Soulgrinder", where they have included twelve tracks. In these songs the band gives us more than fifty minutes of pure heavy metal music. After the intro you will hear that these guys are dedicated to the true heavy metal with all the classic elements that we have in this kind of metal music. After almost sixteen years of existence it is easily understandable that Anthenora have found their personal sound and with their progress and their mature and well worked compositions, in every release, the band has given us their finest moments of their career. The songs are based on remarkable guitar riffs and solos with a massive rhythm section and a heavy voice. Even if Anthenora follow this typical road, they have achieved to add small elements in each track in order to keep the listener's interest for their next step. I am sure that Anthenora have their view in the future and will continue to write quality albums with a fresh air.

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