Soulgrinder - CYCLONERECORDS !!!
author Jonathan Mariante

Anthenora, from Italy, play old school style heavy metal, very influenced by classic thrash. "Soulgrinder" does indeed grind, thrashing full throttle from start to finish. Every song is pedal to the metal, in high gear, never slowing down, not a ballad to be found. The band take their cue from metal masters like Testament and Iced Earth, as well as some power metal influence from bands like Gamma Ray and Primal Fear. The music is rough, raw, fast, and aggressive, but is certainly not played without skill. The band are very talented and play with some sophistication to their music. Vocalist Luigi Bonansea has a rough and gutsy voice. Guitar team Stefano Pomero and Domenico Borra play with speed and skill, inspired by guitar heroes like Yngwie, Alex Skolnick, and John Schaffer. Bassist Steve Balocco and drummer Fabio Smareglia make up a strong and powerful rhythm section, and keep it speedy. Anthenora are a lean, mean metal machine, playing pure, no frills metal, like it was meant to be. This is one band who could make Mount Vezuvius erupt again!

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