Soulgrinder - METAL LEGACY 8/10
mark 8 / 10
author Vasilis P.

Anthenora was founded in 1990 in Saluzzo, Italy. The moniker of the band has been inspired by Dante Aligheri's "Divina Comedia",Anthenora is a frozen lake in Inferno, where the betrayers of the homeland are punished.Since 1998 Anthenora is the most known Italian Iron Maiden tribute band. In November ༾ they were chosen by Nicko McBrain to join his tour as his band.If you want to hear a mix of Iron Maiden, Helloween, Saxon, Accept, Judas Priest...Then Anthenora will win you with their first riff. We have some metal hymns such as: Dawn of Blood, Anew Rebellion, Soulgrinder, Fatherland, The Call of The Endead . Support them "pure heavy metal in your face!

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