Soulgrinder - METAL OBSERVER 9/10
mark 9/10
author Chris K

The Power Metal heroes from ANTHENORA are back! After their 2004-debut "The Last Command" the quintet from the Italian city Saluzzo honours us with their second record, simply entitled "Soulgrinder".

The intro "June 6, 1944. Overlord" (nice name, by the way!), which sounds like the "The Terminator"-theme-song or a WITHIN TEMPTATION-intro, opens this 53-minute lesson in first-class, melodic Power Metal. The opener double pack "Dawn Of Blood" and "Order Of Hate" provides the direction, "mid-tempo meets up-tempo" is the motto. Melodic riffs and cool solos, this is the recipe which works on "Soulgrinder" so wonderfully. Luigi Bonansea's vocals are powerful, aggressive and yet emotional. That's how it should be! His voice sounds alike Peavy's (RAGE). The up-tempo-banger "A New Rebellion" could be a relict of the German trio, which released its best albums with "The Missing Link" (1993) and "Black In Mind" (1995). And on the following "Soulgrinder" you think Cliff Burton (R.I.P.!) is back from the dead and begins to play the legendary "Pulling Teeth" from METALLICA's classic "Kill 'Em All". Well, this track is nothing but a bass-solo, cause after the 23-second intro it's going to kick ass. Especially fans of JAG PANZER will love this one. "The Call Of The Undead" keeps the pedal to the metal, before the mid-tempo-half-ballad "Hundred Knives" slows the tempo down.

The five remaining songs ("Fatherland", "Cassandra", "Hellish Fire", "Dream Catcher" and "Steel Brigade") stick to the above mentioned procedure "mid-tempo meets up-tempo", which is why I won't tell you more about "em, cause I don't want to repeat myself over and over again. Who likes melodic Power Metal in the tradition of RAGE, JAG PANZER, GRAVE DIGGER and GAMMA RAY should go and get it!

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