Soulgrinder - METALCENTRE 6/10
mark 6 / 10
author Tanja

A band from Italy" Nooo, do not think of a bombastic symphonic metal band. No, there are really Italians left who play a little different music than that. For example the five guys in ANTHENORA.

Leaned in as follows: IRON MAIDEN (ANTHENORA act as the best IRON MAIDEN tribute bands of Italy) meets METAL CHURCH meets JUDAS PRIEST, the newest work "Soulgrinder" contains 12 tracks which go to the direction of power metal from the 80th era.

"Soulgrinder" is a CD that keeps up the 80th feeling; a disc with rough edges, as well as warmly sounding guitar riffings.

Further, singer Luigi Bonansea remains rather on the ground of the facts, should say: no excursions to heights. To sing his kind distinguishes itself rather by an aggressive style.

The choirs work supporting and not throwing off or excessively bombastically.

The tracks are tuneful, however, the CD becomes quickly boringly, because the melodies are not clear for the little ears. Although a good music scaffolding exists, above all, the vocals of most of the songs sound quite shallow. The only exceptions: "Fatherland" and "Cassandra" (last-called goes rather to the rock corner), as well as some interesting intro riffings.

ANTHENORA also try to be groovy: "Order of hate". Nevertheless, nothing stucks in the ear. Unfortunately, the tape cannot offer one catchy song. Unfortunately, not rousing.

Result: good scaffolding, weak conversion = average to fast going boring

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