Soulgrinder - METALLIAN 70/100
mark 70/100
author Anna Tergel

Wrong, wrong and wrong. The band is not a black metal one. The album is not grinding. The Italians are not below average. All my perceptions were unjustified. Perhaps the band is having fun with us by deliberately picking misleading names and titles?
Soulgrinder, the second album of the former Iron Maiden cover band Anthenora, is an entertaining heavy metal romp with enough power and class to convince most fans. Most importantly, the twelve tracks are well-written and lack nothing in terms of quality. If one can imagine a mixture of old In Flames and Jag Panzer musically and a singer who represents the mid-point of Grave Digger's Chris Boltendahl and Nevermore Warrel Dane then an understanding of Anthenora is not far behind. The band has many of its own ideas though and can only ascend in standing from here.

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