The Last Command - ANGELFIRE
AUTHOR Gabor Kleinbloesem
MARK 8/10

ANTHENORA - The Last Command

The Italian band ANTHENORA has already been on the scene for 14 years now, but "The last command' is their first official CD. The CD has been released on LOCOMOTIVE MUSIC and of course we have to deal here with a quality release. They play pure 80s Heavy Metal with influences from MAIDEN, GRAVE DIGGER, PRIEST... They have a raw lead singer, so this is nothing like the happy fast Power Metal (with keys and high putched vocals) we usually get to hear from an Italian band. You can best compare them to DOMINE, so this is classic 80s Heavy Metal, with still enough good strong melodies in each and every song. 10 tracks are on the CD, which was produced by LUIGI STEFANNINI, and most of them are uptempo, with as best tracks "Operation sea lion", "Hunter", "The legion" and "The fortress" (a song with a great hidden track after the actual song). Concluded, a recommended piece to fans of classic 80s Heavy Metal!

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