The Last Command - METAL GOSPEL
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AUTHOR Loucypher

ANTHENORA - The Last Command

Well it's always a nice surprise that beside the typical flower metal bands in Italy you can find many bands that are far from that definition, like Doomsword, Thunderstorm and now this band, Anthenora. They play very well executed heavy metal with influences that range from Judas Priest to Iron Maiden (you see very classic metal the way I like it) with lots of melody and that any metal fan would love. They sing in English (that will help to make them known in the rest of the world, and the deal they have signed with Locomotive Records will help too). The bests tracks are the aggressive opener title track 'The Last Command', the maiden-esque 'Hunter' and the Primal Fear-ish 'Foreteller'. So for those of you that are looking for new bands to discover and enjoy if you're into good heavy metal check this Italian band out.

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