The Last Command - METAL OBSERVER
Review from METAL OBSERVER e-zine
AUTHOR Alexander Melzer
MARK 8,5/10

ANTHENORA - The Last Command

Always a nice surprise when a band that you had just reviewed as underground band a short time ago, suddenly comes over with their debut via a by now pretty established label, the latest representative comes from Italy and is called ANTHENORA. After the MCD already had a kind of military theme, as "The General's Awakening", we now get "The Last Command", unleashed upon mankind via Locomotive Music. The guys back then had not really delivered something too original, but still showed quite some potential that they build upon with "The Last Command" very well indeed. Also a very well known IRON MAIDEN cover band, they have only very few in common with the Britons. But indeed MAIDEN drummer Nicko McBrain invited them as support for his TOTAL MCBRAIN DAMAGE tour even twice. Remarkable is that none of the four tracks of the EP has been re-used for the album, still they have not lost a bit of power, the Power Metal of the a bit heavier kind packs quite a wallop, supported by a very good and powerful production by Tony Fontó form the Remaster Studios. The opener thunders through the speakers with quite some might and at times comes almost comes close to Thrash with a very inspired and powerful vocal performance by fronter Luigi Bonansea, a very riff laden song with power galore, very entertaining and showing the band a lot stronger than still on "The General's Awakening". And that's not all yet, "Operation Sea Lion" is a typical Heavy Metal stomper, with great melodies, a super catchy chorus and generally damn good, you won't get this song out of your memory for a while! On "Prophet Of Sorrow" the British influence of IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST comes through a whole lot more, oozing with energy, with great twin guitars, aaaah! Also the duo "General K." (stopming, powerful) and "Foreteller" (driving, crunchy) can fully convince, quite some more established acts should take an example on this, when it comes down to powerful, but melodic Heavy/Power Metal! And at the end we get the thirteen minute epos "The Fortress", stomping, with British sounding riffing, powerful vocals and"suddenly silence. Now I am not sure, if it is the second part of the same song or a cover version, but whatever it is, sounds a lot like the Eighties (also the production is a bit rougher), driving, super catchy, but still with pretty heavy guitars, strong closer for "The Last Command"! But also lyrically they do not just take the usual lyrics, but they have created a whole concept "between a coming, dark future and the past of Europe during World War II", as the info writes so nicely. The cover is pretty clichéd, but still fits the concept very well, so no reason for complaints. The general of the debut EP already was sent back over the Alps with 6,5 points, the last command gets strong 8,5 points, with a strong tendency towards higher echelons, still not really original, but no Happy Metal, but with lots of riffs, power and energy, together with strong song writing, it's absolutely worth it, listen in yourself and let ANTHENORA take command! (Online March 28, 2004)

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