The Last Command - METAL TO INFINITY
MARK 88/100

ANTHENORA - The Last Command

In July 2003, I did an interview with Anthenora's drummer Fabio Smalegria, so for more background information about the band, please visit the 'Metal To Infinity' interviews section to find it out. I'm satisfied these Italian Metal heads inked a deal with the Locomotive Music record label. A deal, they really deserves after the release of a self produced demo called "The General's Awakening" in 2002 which was a strongful piece of True Heavy Metal in the vein of many older bands as Saxon, Judas Priest and ofcourse Iron Maiden. Anthenora was a very well known Iron Maiden tribute band in Italy and the influences of their favorite Metal gods are still there. "The last Comment" contains ten songs ranges from fist cleansing Euro Power Metal to rude, head bursting Classic Heavy Metal. The lyrics are based on a story set between a darkened near future and the bleeding Europe of the second war. Good looking artwork and well done production are a truly fact. I call it an 'all included' album which means everything's aboard to make this piece of Metal one of the most highly recommended recordings at the moment. The talented bass and guitar lines, drum sections and the raw vocals are just great to me, so you better walk on to your local record store buying this masterpiece. Play as loud as you can and don't care about your neighbours. Let them eat Metal!!

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