The Last Command - STARSPAWN
AUTHOR Dakka Dakka's DJ's

ANTHENORA - The Last Command

This Italian band (which started out as an Iron Maiden cover band. They even toured as the band behind Iron Maiden's Nico McBrain's solo project) has come up with something which the listeners of Dakka Dakka will enjoy very much indeed, or at least those that tune in to hear some classic Metal. The artwork might make you believe we have another fantasy/sf inspired Power metal band on our hands, but that is not the case. Anthenora has more in common with mid 80's and early 90's Speed Metal of bands like 'Flotsam & Jetsam' and the 90's version of 'Judas Priest' than it does with 'Helloween', although they name this band as one of their influences. It's without any doubt great stuff if you're interested in retro metal, but that doesn't mean that it can't be enjoyed by other metal fans, as the songs are of decent to very good quality. In fact, the band which Anthenora brought me to mind is 'Metal Church', a band that also knew how to roll great riffs, energetic playing and good vocals into enjoyable uptempo metal songs. There are a few lesser tracks present, but the overall quality of the song writing, along with a few standout tracks like 'Dark Alliance', 'Foreteller' and especially 'The Last Command' lead to the final conclusion that this CD simply is good, the silly artwork aside.

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