AUTHOR Vincent Eldefors
MARK 8/10

ANTHENORA - The Last Command

Anthenora is an Italian band with a peculiar but nevertheless impressive history. They formed as early as 1990 and in the first decade of their career they recorded three demo tapes, musically inspired by the heavy metal legends from the 80s - Iron Maiden, Saxon, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Accept, Grave Digger and Helloween. Since 1998 they are also the most known Italian Iron Maiden tribute band, something that was pushed even further in November 2002 when they were chosen by the Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain to join his "Total McBrain Damage" tour. Another tour with McBrain took place in April 2003 and yet another one is planned for the Spring / Summer of 2004. Leaving the demo stage Anthenora is now suddenly one of the most high profile bands of their country which is celebrated with the release of their debut album "The Last Command". Reading this very long (and perhaps unnecessary) introduction you probably realize what this sounds like. There are no surprises - the 80s metal influences shine through in every single riff on this album. Straight-forward, heavy, fast and carefully executed heavy metal with a slight power metal touch is what we are offered here. If high-pitched power metal singing causes an allergic reactions with you then don't worry because this you will be spared when you listen to Anthenora. Instead vocalist Luigi Bonansea is doing his job behind the microphone in a rougher style and he is doing it very well indeed. A very nice debut album from one of the most promising Italian bands at the moment and a break from all the Labÿrinth and Rhapsody clones.

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