Review from VAMPIRE-MAGAZINE e-zine
AUTHOR Toby Van Bloppoel

ANTHENORA - The Last Command

Yet, we got another Italian band coming" Anthenora was found in 1990, the time death metal was roaming the metal world. From the start, they just did their own thing and that was playing NWOBHM, influenced by Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest, Grave Digger and Rage. Yes indeed like loads of other bands before. Like almost every other band they tried to stand out of the heavy metal mass. It's kind of hard to get an own identity conforming the style of NWOBHM. Almost everything is done before so do not expect something new. "The Last Command" is a concept album based on a story set between a darkened near future and the bleeding Europe of the second world war. This metal journey starts with the up-paced "The Last Command, a powerful and staccato song. Get ready to blown away by it's pure aggression and speed! Fortunately it's not only speed that rules, mid-paced bouncing riffs are dominating the next song which is called "Operation Sea Lion". This one is as good as it's successor, musically and vocally but there is just one specific element missing till now. I've heard all these bands I told you about before but how is it possible the songs aren't remaining in the back of my head? I guess it's because of the raw production and the complexity of the songs. It's hard to extract the instruments from each other especially when you are aware they put to much different influences from several bands together as one. That's practically impossible. The songs that follow are different from character and balancing between heavy metal and hard rock. For example "The Legion' is a mixture between Race's newer work due to the recognisable choruses and the Van den Berg riffs. Even Iron Maiden says hello considering a lot of their guitar loops. This CD seems to end with the tenth song if you are watching the cover but nothing is less true cause after a few emty minutes another song comes out of your speaker and that makes it the eleventh one. Next time, put it on the cover couse hardly no one likes to hear silence when you want to hear music and skipping isn't fun too. Fortunatelly their last song happens to be a perfect and catchy end of this heavy metal journey through the eighties. The only advise I can give for their next album is try to build up an own identity. Like I say before this is nothing new but Anthenora is way more than average band, a band with perspective if you ask me

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