the ghost of iwo jima - behind the veil (GRE) 9/10
I am big fan of ANTHENORA, I won’t hide that! I have everything that this band has released, from their demos to their latest album. So my expectations from them are great. Especially after the four years of their absence. “The Ghosts of Iwo Jima”, however, from the first listening made me feel that it was more than worth the wait. This is an album that has everything that ANTHENORA are all about. Traditional heavy metal that stays loyal to its 80’s roots and yet has a contemporary sound. You will discover influences from bands like IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT, BLACK SABBATH, HELLOWEEN and RUNNING WILD, but all these are filtered through the personal sound of the band. A great job also is done on the leads and solo parts of the guitars and once again the passionate voice of Luigi Bonansea is one of the trademarks of the band. No more to say for a release that every serious metal head should check out. Personally, I believe that ANTHENORA deserve more than just a cult status. So, if this is the first time that you learn about this band, this release is a good chance to know a more about them. For those who are already aware of this great group, there is nothing more to say just play it loud!!!! I won’t write which my favourite songs are, because they are too many…

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