AnthenorA sign Deal with PURE STEEL PROMOTION

The Heavy Metal Band AnthenorA from Saluzzo (Italy), has signed a deal with PURE STEEL PROMOTION.The band, which was founded in 1989, released their Debutalbum “The Last Command” in 2004. This was followed by two more albums, “Soulgrinder” (2006) and “The Ghots Of Iwo Jima” (2010). The new album “Mirrors And Screens” will be officially released via Punishment 18 Records.

PURE STEEL PROMOTION will be doing the promotion of the album. A date for the release and other details will be announced soon.

Luigi “Gigi” Bonansea – vocals
Stefano “Pooma” Pomero – guitars
Samuele “Peyo” Peirano – bass
Gabriele “Gabri” Bruni – guitars
Fabio “Smaro” Smareglia – drums